stephen ministry

Facing a challenging period in your life? Stephen Ministers are not clergy or professional counselors, but individuals trained to walk alongside you in support and prayer when the challenges in life come. Our Stephen Ministers go through extensive training—over 50 hours in order to be able to minister to the hurting of our congregation.


We have eight new Stephen Ministers ready to walk alongside you in times of despair: Kelli Newhouse, Nina Kowalczyk, Sharon Thompson, Faye Davidson, Kelly Davidson, Amy Hirth, Mary Heeter and Sandy Reed. They are joining  our longtime Stephen Ministry Team:  Bill Hosterman, Andrew Frost, Debbie Delozier, Bev Stephenson, Jody Spain, Diane Zimmerman, Brenda Burton, Rayma Dietz, Erma Clark, and Sally Wentzel.

Are you, or someone you know, walking through a difficult season in life? Perhaps you lost your job, a loved one, are enduring financials stress or the changing of life as you know it. We have people who will walk alongside you in life’s journey, who will be there for you - in confidentiality - to help you through the transitions and struggles you face.