purple door leadership

Our staff is of one heart, one mind, and one vision - to reach our world for Jesus. If you have any questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them. You can contact the church office at 614/875-5612 or email: communications@gcumc.org.


    Pastor Dan and his wife, Patti, join us as interim pastor. Pastor Dan is author of the book Generative Leadership and has served many churches well in teaching them key leadership principles in leadership. We are so excited for his leadership to lead us through to the next chapter for The Purple Door Church!


  • brandi blackstone


    Brandi and her husband, Bo, met in ceramics class in high school and they have three children, Liam, Jonah, and Eva. Her family loves making memories together and serving the church as a family.  Brandi enjoys worship music, Bible journaling, taking pictures and painting. Mostly she enjoys new adventures with her children.  

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  • lizzy alatorres

    Pastor, St. Mark's UMC

    Lizzy and Sammy are a Mexican couple who are called to serve the Lord with all they have. They have been married for almost 3 years and have one young son, Samuel Eli. Her family loves to worship God and serve him with all they heart. Even though all their family members are in Mexico, God has blessed them with a family in Jesus Christ called the church where they enjoy having new adventures. Lizzy loves to meet new people, learn new things, have adventures and live by faith knowing that ANYTHING can be possible if we believe. Read More


  • traci wurschmidt

    Contemporary Worship Leader

  • tom danklefsen

    Church Administrator, Facilities Manager

  • kelli newhouse


  • Sandy Reddig

    Pastors' Administrative Assistant