The purple door free store

Our Free Store is just that - FREE! It is open for in-person shopping on
Wednesdays, 6 until 8PM.
If you are interested you must make an appointment.

To make an appointment do one of the following:

1. Contact John Hampson by clicking the email address above. You must include your name and phone number; or, 

2. Contact the Purple Door Free Store through it's FACEBOOK  page. You must include your name and phone number; or,

3. TEXT (please do not call) 614-313-4666. You must leave your phone and name. You may utilize the services once a month, but you must have an appointment.

Thank you.

sign up to serve!

Would you like to serve our community by helping in our Free Store? We launder all of our items before displaying, so we need launderers, sorters, people to set up appointments, and people to help in the Free Store during the designated times. If you're interested in serving, contact John Hampson at the email address above.
We'd love to have you help us further reach our community!