• Brandi Blackstone


    Brandi and her husband, Bo, met in ceramics class in high school and they have three children, Liam, Jonah, and Eva. Her family loves making memories together and serving the church as a family.  Brandi enjoys worship music, Bible journaling, taking pictures and painting. Mostly she enjoys new adventures with her children.  

    Brandi earned her Bachelors Degree in Communications at The Ohio State University and her Masters Degree in Theology at Ohio Christian University. Brandi is a Licensed Local Pastor and has been appointed to the Purple Door Church, where she serves as the Associate Pastor, and the primary teaching pastor at our 11am Contemporary Service, Table 2:15. Brandi’s role includes discipleship from birth to adult.  She has a passion for giving families opportunities to grow in their faith journey together, teaching teens that there is a God that loves them, as well as reminding all of us that our focus in life should be on that of Jesus!


    The Purple Door Church is a place she knows well and the place she calls home. It is a place where her family attends and partner in ministry together.
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