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growing slow by jennifer dukes lee



Slow Down. Grow Deep.

We want to believe that a slower life is possible, but we're afraid of what we'll miss if we don't keep up the pace. So we bend to the pressure and overlook the gifts of rest and slowness. But what if we could grasp the high reward of good things, grown slow?

In this six-session study filmed over the course of an entire growing season on the farm, Jennifer Dukes Lee helps you:

  • gain the courage to slow down and enjoy your life
  • uncover surprising truths that will help you grow, even in difficult seasons
  • lay down burdens you've been carrying and receive God's healing
  • find value in the good things you are already growing

This study reveals how land is a picture of our steady growth into claiming the promises of God. The land is more than just a backdrop for the stories in the Bible. It is a central character in the magnificent narrative, from the very beginning when the creator God used dirt to make life on a farm called Eden.

Jennifer weaves these biblical lessons into her own experience of the importance of land, gleaned from her fifth-generation farm. The land--both then and now--teaches us how to un-hurry our hurry-sick hearts.

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