CS Lewis spoke at length in regard to both his explanation of faith, and his fiction.  One of the most prominent themes is the idea that the longer we are in an environment, the more we are affected by it. Therefore, the more we surround ourselves with Christ, the more we become like him. The more we live in the environment of heaven, the more we live in heaven and begin to not be affected by the world as much. This is EXACTLY what ought to be what happens in the church. When people come to church, or are with the body of Christ, that environment ought to be a blessing to them - and - should affect them for the better.

That’s why we titled our current series “Living in The Empty Tomb.” 

How does living into the resurrection affect us and change us today? 

What difference does it make for us in 2024 that Jesus rose from the dead? 

How are WE changed by the resurrection?