weekly devo

pastor brandi

Have you doubted?  Have you wanted to see the truth?  Wanted answers to your questions?


We will doubt on this journey, but we have to have a desire to believe instead of choosing disbelief.  Thomas wanted to believe, he just wanted to see.  Jesus gave him that opportunity and Thomas had immediate belief.  The doubts faded and Thomas believed in Jesus.  Thomas simply wanted to experience the Resurrected Jesus like the other disciples.  So doubting Thomas became a firm believer and chose to put his faith in Jesus, choosing to spread the Good News.


We can choose to investigate and believe in our doubt.  We can investigate His truths and find faith in our studies.  In our time in prayer, in our reading of His word, in our growth through our community and small groups.


Today I want to remind you to remember your moments of belief.  Remember your moments of doubt.  And recognize that God is with you through it all.  That in and through Him you can have peace, that in and through Him you can have faith and belief.  


Remember that you can go to Him with your doubts.  You can go to Him in your faith and He partners with you in whatever you are walking through.



Brandi Blackstone